My top 3 Ab exercises


Hello !! It’s been a while since i’ve uploaded a fitness post so I had to make it an interesting one! This week I have taken to the park and picked out my favourite exercises that I believe can get anyone some ab definition in the fasted possible time.

Exercise 1 – Skipping! Recently I have been addicted to skipping, doing it before and after my workouts, I love it, not only does it get nearly every muscle in your body working but it is also very fun, trying to learn new moves everyday keeps it entertaining! Normally i’d do up to 30 minutes of skipping every time I workout, 15 minutes warm up before a gym session and 15 pretty intense minutes at the end of my workout.



Exercise 2 – Sprinting! If any of you guys have heard of HIIT (high intensity interval training) training you’d know where I am going with this. So HIIT is basically doing intense bursts of exercise (in this case sprinting) with a short rest in between and then repeating it. I tend to do this more than going on a 30 minutes run for example. You can lose the same amount of fat if not more than doing HIIT training instead of a long duration of slow cardio. I just prefer it over long periods of cardio as I get really bored hence why I am running with a parachute attached to me haha. If you’re wondering what it does exactly, it holds resistance against me while I am sprinting making it harder = making me work harder which is not only a great way of burning fat but it is also very fun!




Exercise 3 – Ab Exercises! I know you are thinking “DUHH of course you have to do ab exercises to get abs”! But I think you’ll be surprised, you can do as much ab exercise as you like but without doing cardio or exercises to burn fat off you wont ever see the full potential of your possible 6 pack! So I have picked out 3 ab moves that will target all of your abdominal area. 1: Basic Crunches (Works upper abs) | 2: Leg raises (Works Lower abs) | 3: Plank (Works all abs).

So with all that said, and of course a well looked after diet, you’ll be well on the way to having that dream stomach you’ll be hoping for for the summer!






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