Casual Tailoring


Casual Tailoring! Part 1! So it’s coming up to summer, as you can see by the rain drops in the photos… (lolz) and one of my favourite combinations I like to wear in the hotter months are my t-shirts and blazers, casual tailoring I like to call it. The casualness of the t-shirt mixed with the tailoring of the blazer, a great mix for those who are stuck in the middle (me!).

I am going to show you guys a few different styles of suits and how you can casualise them (yes I know I just made up a word) but I know you know what I mean ;). For this look I have worn this Navy Pinstripe Suit from Reiss with a regular white t-shirt and paired them with the new Converse Flyknit trainers! When styling a pinstripe suit or a suit with some kind of pattern on it you don’t want to over do it with the prints so i’d advise playing it safe with a plain coloured t-shirt.

What do you think about this look?

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