MOXY Amsterdam

So I think it was about a year and a half ago that I had previously worked with Moxy, and its been a year and a half too long if you ask me haha, Moxy has to one of the coolest, & most enjoyable brands to be a part of.

I’ve had a few questions on instagram asking me about Moxy, as they aren’t so familiar with the brand so I’m going to give you a little bit of a low down first before I talk about the unreal party they pulled off the other night in Amsterdam.


Moxy Hotels is Marriott International’s new experiential, design-driven, brand that debuted September 2014 in Europe and has since introduced locations in Berlin, New Orleans, the United Kingdom, Vienna, etc. A boutique-hotel concept for the modern traveler, Moxy is a fresh and innovative brand combining stylish design and approachable service at an affordable price point. With tech-enabled rooms, vibrant lobby spaces and warm service, Moxy aims to surprise travelers with a playful, spirited and fun guest experience. To learn more about Moxy Hotels, visit”

Couldn’t have said it better really ^ it’s pretty much a supercool, boutique, affordable hotel which has shown me the best time ever each time I’ve been. I went to the Berlin launch in 2016 and I had no idea what to expect really, it had me in awe, had never experienced such a cool launch and concept for a hotel, so I jumped at the opportunity to go to the Amsterdam Houthavens opening.

I mean as a hotel, the Moxy hotels are such a catch. You can’t really ever go wrong with them but there were a couple of things that really won me over with Moxy Houthavens. I think as soon as you walk into the hotel’s Lobby (called The Living Room), your automatic reaction is, “this is so cool!” The hotel just has such a cool, fun energy, it’s somewhere I’d want to go sit down and get my work down, but also somewhere I’d meet my mates for some drinks. I mean, it’s name is the Living Room haha.

Another thing I really liked was the way the 24/7 Food & Beverage worked, giving us all access to what we want whenever we want. They call it the Grab’n’Go station, pretty much what it says, such a good variety of different foods, drinks & snacks at your fingertips, I explain it in my Vlog also!

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What we got up to!

If you had watched my vlog you may have seen we took part in a some really cool activities pre party which really made our trip! On the first day we went on a boat party through Amsterdam’s canals, one thing I’ve always wanted to do when in Amsterdam, explore it by the canals and it was so much fun! The morning after we were shown Moxy’s new #BlankCanvas programme which is super cool for us creatives, in a nutshell the whole idea of this programme is that it is calling on international emerging artists to submit works for the opportunity to debut their art at new Moxy hotels, and we took party in a session with Dutch artist Kristel Steenbergen, where we got to create our own illustrations.

Each Moxy hotel takes inspiration from the city it is in, this theme being Nautical & Naughty, so as you may have guessed, it was inspired by the city’s waterways and the hotel’s dockside location in the regenerated Houthavens area, and the whole playful character of Amsterdam and the Moxy brand. Throughout the launch party they held a load of land & sea inspired experiences, including “‘playrooms’ where guests were encouraged to leave their inhibitions at the door and indulge their rebellious side.” They also took over the pool for a ‘Wet and Wild’ adult-only pool party with Moxy lifeguards serving guests in the pool. Not to forget the Tattoo pop up parlour they had! One of my favourite things about their parties, I actually got a tattoo (on my neck!!) at the Berlin Moxy launch last time, so it was oh so tempting to get another haha. It was fair to say Moxy smashed it with the Amsterdam Houthavens hotel, definitely one to visit if you are in/around Amsterdam, I think you’d be silly not to!

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