TENOR SUEDE Chelsea boot


Follow Hey guys! Today is the debut of a none trainer on Footwear Faves haha, but oh is it a good one! After a month long struggle to find the ‘perfect’ Chelsea boot I have finally found it! Where is it from you ask, Reiss! Not your average shoe brand but they defo didn’t hold back when designing this boot! When it comes to Chelsea boots it is very hit and miss, because it is such a simple design the littlest aspect to a boot can either make it or

Follow Morning wonderful people! Interesting fact of the day, New Look Men are opening up a store, dedicated to us dudes! Farrrbulous right? As you may have noticed but it is getting rather chilly which I mean is pretty annoying but also exciting, well for me anyway. Why are you excited about Winter Joey? Oh how I have so many answers to that… LAYERING. BIG COATS. MORE COFFEE. But even better, getting involved in all the new trends for the fall and this season there are so many great trends such

577 Napes | New Balance


Follow Footwear Favourites part 4! Today I bring you the 577 Napes Pack! Again a UK made trainer, this time it’s pretty cool as it is based all around climbers and mountains. The 577 The Napes pack consists of two Made in England colorways that are inspired by the equipment and gear worn by the climbers, made from high quality suede and rip-stop textiles. I mean I won’t be climbing any mountains any time soon but I will be travelling a lot, which entails the same thing right? haha. Wait, why

Follow So one thing I’ve never been too bothered about when thinking about an outfit is accessories, but it has drastically changed over the past few months! When I say I haven’t been to bothered what I mean is that I would never really invest in accessories or be bothered if I ‘forgot’ to put on my watch, I will tend wear something but not really think about it nor spend a decent amount of money on it. But ever since my shoot with Fossil I have kind of embraced these small

Follow Whats up guyssss! As you can probably tell by the name of the title I have styled a few of my favourite pieces from the new H&M AW15 collection. I don’t know if you have noticed but for this shoot I have shot with someone completely new, Vicky Grout (Check out her Instagram!)! We headed out to Shoreditch to find some fairly simple backdrops as we wanted the H&M pieces to pop and not get lost into the background and I think we done that pretty well. One this I do

Follow A Bag for a Blogger! What a fitting title. Following my previous post with Fossil and the #CallingAllCurious campaign (Click to read the previous post) which I had styled my favourite pieces in a trendy studio in London, but now I have taken to the streets (or rooftops in this case haha) to show you guys new way of me styling the products, with a bit of my creative direction behind it, which was very exciting to say the least! So me and the Photographer (TobyZiff) headed out to a

ASICS Gel Kayano Evo

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Footwear Favourites part 3! Today we have the ASICS Gel Kayano Evo, even though I haven’t owned many ASICS’ trainers in my time these do top the ones that I have owned. They are so crisp and white, which is an annoying thing as well to be honest with you, keeping them constantly white is frustrating, but there could be worst things about a trainer! I took to this basketball court in central London to get some urban(y) style shots which ended up being a really spot in terms of showing

Follow Happy Monday peeps! I think it’s fair to say that summer is basically over… depressing I know. However I have something to cheer you all up. So ASOS contacted me about their new campaign #TheCoatVote, the campaign is pretty simple and you probably already know what it is from the name, which is a good sign. They had asked me to pick out my favourite style of winter jacket out of three options; Parka, Leather or Overcoat. So I picked the parka! why? because it’s so dam easy to

Hey! Here we are with the 2nd edition to the Footwear Favs! And today we got a pair of trainers that had only been released a few days ago (9th of September)! So it is very exciting! These beauties are one of the three pairs in New Balance’s Real Ale pack! If you didn’t know Real Ale is a Beer! Something Ale drinkers would call ‘REAL Beer’ (Cough! Cough! I am one of those guys baha). Anyways, back to the trainers. One thing I really like about these trainers is that New

Footwear Favourites! Not too sure on the name just yet, so bare with me as I might change it! But you get the whole jist of it, every week I will be showing off my favourite pairs of footwear with some cool imagery. It wont purely be trainers/sneakers, from time to time I might show off my latest pair of chelsea boots or something a long them lines so don’t be surprised when you see some formal footwear! So to kick of this new project I have these very very

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