Follow Happy Monday peeps! I think it’s fair to say that summer is basically over… depressing I know. However I have something to cheer you all up. So ASOS contacted me about their new campaign #TheCoatVote, the campaign is pretty simple and you probably already know what it is from the name, which is a good sign. They had asked me to pick out my favourite style of winter jacket out of three options; Parka, Leather or Overcoat. So I picked the parka! why? because it’s so dam easy to

Hey! Here we are with the 2nd edition to the Footwear Favs! And today we got a pair of trainers that had only been released a few days ago (9th of September)! So it is very exciting! These beauties are one of the three pairs in New Balance’s Real Ale pack! If you didn’t know Real Ale is a Beer! Something Ale drinkers would call ‘REAL Beer’ (Cough! Cough! I am one of those guys baha). Anyways, back to the trainers. One thing I really like about these trainers is that New

Footwear Favourites! Not too sure on the name just yet, so bare with me as I might change it! But you get the whole jist of it, every week I will be showing off my favourite pairs of footwear with some cool imagery. It wont purely be trainers/sneakers, from time to time I might show off my latest pair of chelsea boots or something a long them lines so don’t be surprised when you see some formal footwear! So to kick of this new project I have these very very

Good Morning family! Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I did, spent all of it shooting some very very cool stuff which I can not wait to show you guys! One of the cool things I had shot this weekend was this amazing Leather Windcheater from Whistles. Whistles have only started selling Menswear this year, which I must say was a great idea. I haven’t yet owned anything from Whistles until this day, but then they sent me over this Navy Leather Windcheater which I have fallen in love with.

Morning peeps! So if you follow Nike you will know that they have recently (1st of September in fact) released a new Nike Tech Pack collection which includes a load of cool matching pieces for both the guys and the girls. Nike were kind enough to send me over a couple pieces from the collection, a Grey Camo Nike Tech Fleece which was perfect because looking at the collection now I probably would have bought that anyway so you read my mind Nike! As you can see by the photos I

Hey all! This week I, as well as 5 other bloggers (I will link them all down below) have teamed up with Fossil for their new Fall Collection Campaign #CallingAll Curious.  Fossil are all about their people and the culture, they’ve always been based around a authentic vintage style which is pretty distint when looking at the products, in my eyes I think that is the best aspect to keep to as a brand because you know each piece will be timeless and long lasting. This collection, the ‘Curious Set’ is based on the

Sennheiser in Sri-Lanka

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Hey all! How are we all? I don’t know if it’s just me but when I travel long distances I need a good pair of headphones and an endless playlist to keep me going, and thanks to Sennheiser who sent me these noise cancelling URBANITE XL headphones I was almost dazed into my music the whole journey. The main problem I encounter when wearing headphones is that it starts to hurt my ears so i’d then result to changing to earphones but these, being over ear comfort my ears almost

Bailey Nelson Eyewear

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Hey guys! If you haven’t yet realised I haven’t worked with a glasses (prescription to be precise) company on my blog yet but today I shall be! Bailey Nelson, a London based eyewear brand invited me over to one of their stores to pick out some for myself. What I instantly noticed is that they provide prescription glasses, sunglasses and non-prescription polarised sunglasses, so pretty much anything you’ll need in terms of eyewear, theres something for everyone! After tens of minutes (a very long time) I found my perfect pair! A

Hello all! Haven’t posted in a while I know, too busy enjoying myself on holiday! But here I am with some fresh photos for you guys. So for this blog post I have teamed up with H&M and photographer Ope (GreatArsenal) to bring you this instagram lookbook style shoot. I was able to pick out some of my favourite pieces from the new H&M men’s collection for this shoot which I was really happy about because I had been hawk eyeing a lot of the new men’s clothes at H&M. For

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