Hey People!! I am pretty new to the technology blogging scene but it is an area that I definitely want to get into, and what better way to start it off with this HTC One (M9) that I was sent by John Lewis. It was a lovely surprise! As you can Imagine, coming from an Iphone user it is very hard to get someone to move to another phone brand but I think we are all a tad stubborn when it comes to trying out new phones, me being one

New Look Wireless festival is now over… I know it’s very depressing. But festival season isn’t! So while at wireless Michaela Tornaritis, a street style photographer went out on behalf of New Look to find some of the most stylish ladies & gents from the festival, and oh did we find some good dressed people! I’m not going to write a lot on this post because it’s more of a ‘get some fashion inspiration’ post so check out all these cool ones!

New Look Wireless! My favourite festival of them all… and this might even be my favourite post of them all, I have been so looking forward to writing up this post and sharing all the photos I took over all the 4 days! So if you didn’t already know through all my recent posts on Twitter & Instagram I was covering the festival on behalf of New Look Men taking photos of my experience and the festival as a whole. Probably the best job i’ve done before, couldn’t have asked for

Hello !! It’s been a while since i’ve uploaded a fitness post so I had to make it an interesting one! This week I have taken to the park and picked out my favourite exercises that I believe can get anyone some ab definition in the fasted possible time. Exercise 1 – Skipping! Recently I have been addicted to skipping, doing it before and after my workouts, I love it, not only does it get nearly every muscle in your body working but it is also very fun, trying to learn

As you may have noticed, festival seaon is finally here! Probably the most excited part of the year for me. I was thrilled to know that this year New Look Men were sponsoring Wireless (My favourite festival by far) and they were kind enough to ask me to shoot a festival lookbook/editorial style post to get all my readers ready for the best festival everrrrr! I picked out three of my favourite outfits from the new men’s collection which I went out and shot, although there are loads more pieces from New

It’s about time I gave you guys a competition don’t you think? What better time than the start of the summer to give away £100 to one of you to spend on Boohoo, and like all my competitions it will be very easy to win! All you have to do to enter is; Follow @BoohooMan & @JoeyLondonStyle, RT Yep, as simple as that! Good Luck to you all! Winner will be announced next Monday, the 22nd! Photos taken by Johnny Fonseca 

So as you may know if you follow me on my social sites you will know that I have recently had the chance to stay in this heavenly hotel Conrad London St James and who better else to get me suited and booted for the occasion other than T.M Lewin. They were kind enough to get me all fitted and send me out a suit for the stay. As it was the first time I had gone to get fitted, I wasn’t aware of what sizes I were so the guys

Hey! How are you guys? Now this post is going to be one of many Travel & Lifestyle blog posts to come, which I am thrilled to show you! Conrad London St James invited me over for some dinner and to stay over for a night. If you haven’t heard of Conrad London, it is a 5* Luxury Hotel based in the heart of London, 5 minutes walk from Big Ben, 5 from Victoria, so I think it’s pretty fair to say you are in walking distance of some great landmarks and

Today I have some great photos to show you! This week I teamed up with Alma De Ace, a London based clothing brand to shoot these fantastic shots! Me and Isaac (photographer) headed out to Kew Gardens to snap these tropical style shots which is perfect for their new swim shorts! One thing I must say is, when it comes to independant fashion brands I think the best thing you can do is keep the designs simple and thats exactly what Alma De Ace did with their brand, just what

Hey Gooooyyss! How you doing? This is my ‘New Look Same City’ post, basically showing off the new New Look Men’s collection for the second time! In this outfit I am wearing the same bomber from the Paris post because I just love it so much, my own made t-shirt with my face on it  -_- haha!, some navy stripe shorts also from New Look and my white Converses. Me and Kiran went out to Canary Wharf to shoot this look which is were we found this white passageway! Believe it or

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