Hey everyone! Sorry I have been away for a bit, emailing had taken over my life for a bit but i’m back! So Zero UV, a Californian based eyewear brand sent me a few sunglasses of my choice so here are my favourites from their Men’s collection! All black pieces, which I love, when it comes to sunglasses I like to keep it simple and dark. I realllyyyy don’t like when glasses are fully tinted, but that’s just me. I chose 2 shades with a round frame and one with a flattop!

Hey guys! How have you all been!? I am very very very excited to show you this blog post as I have teamed up with REISS to give you a little show of some of my favourite pieces from their new SS15 collection. So yeah me and Ash (Photographer) went around Mayfair taking some photos in the pretty typical unpredictable british weather, but yeah, with these photos we tried to keep it as British and Spring/Summer’y as possible which I thought we did pretty darn well! When I picked out my

How you doing guys? So this isn’t really a ‘outfit’ post as much but more of me just sharing some cool photos me and Isaac Cambridge shot a few weeks back. So yeah, enjoy the great photos! Props to Isaac for the photos, did an amazing job!

So I thought of this idea of taking my favourite looks that I have come across over different social media sites (mainly, Instagram, Tumblr & Lookbook) over the space of a 2 weeks and putting them all together in a little style inspiration post, one for guys and one for girls, what do you think? So this week I have decided to pick out my favourites from LookBook, so here we go! Let me know down below which are your favourite looks! 🙂 1 – This has to be my

So this week I had received an awesome gift from Nike which arrived in style to say the least! (you can see how it arrived on my instagram!) Inside the package was this amazing NIKE TECH AEROSHIELD WINDRUNNER which I was very happy to see as it is just what I needed for my new fitness lifestyle! This jacket is perfect for wearing in the gym, going for a jog around the blocks and just for general wear as you can see by my photos, I will be doing a shoot with

My 8 week transformation.

Hey guys! How are you lot doing!? So I know this isn’t a post about fashion but I’ve recently been considering maybe creating a fitness side of my blog or even film some gym vlogs for you guys as it is a pretty big part of my every day living, I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer or anything but I just want to share my healthy living journey. Over the past few months I have really been wanting to get back into the gym and actually eating well, my

Say hello to a very smart, cool and magazine reading Joey! This has to be one of my “suave’st” outfits i’d say. This trench coat I recently bought from River Island from their new collection which is just so simple and smart. A simple pair of black jeans, I don’t think I can escape black jeans, they end up in nearly every outfit! What do you guys think of this outfit? Jacket – River Island £120 | Tshirt – Uniqlo £8 | Jeans – Cheap Monday £45 | Shoes –

First things first, can I just mention how much i’m in love with these photos lol! These, along with the amazing location have to be some of my favourite photos. Me and Isaac (Photographer) went to explore London’s answer to a Roman Empire as you can see in this building type thing, i’m not even sure what to call it, but it’s just so frikkin sick! So lets get to the clothes, the jacket is infact the same jacket you’ve probably seen in my previous post Cool, Classic & Comfy but

iStyle – #5 – Wharf

So for some reason this post has been completely deleted, but here are the photos and the outfit details, sorry about that! 🙁 Jacket – Reiss £245 | Roll neck – Zara £25 | Jeans – Topman £35 | Shoes – Dunne £79   Photos by Michaela Tornaritis 

iStyle – #6 – Roads

Cool, Classic & Comfy! There’s something about this outfit that’s very “tumblry” haha. I love the monochrome in this outfit, the black hoody and the black fabric biker jacket (You can never go wrong with a biker jacket!) really look good together and the black jeans obviously, my moto is whenever in doubt where black! I think my favourite part of this outfit is the fabric cap and the bright white trainers! the simplicity of both the cap and the trainers just complete the sporty, street look! What do you guys think?

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