The cold has finally hit! This is what i’ve been secretly waiting for for ages, sounds weird but I am loving the cold. As much as I enjoy summer theres something about winter that I just think is so cool, wrapping up, wearing a load of layers and drinking a load of warm drinks, it just feels so homely! But yeah so with this warm outfit, it basically consists of a few of my winter essentials, a big puffy jacket, a warm hat and some hard wearing boots! So lets

As you can see this is the 2nd part post of my collaboration with Boss Orange watches and I am very excited to share with you this watch that they had kindly send out to me with a few other gifts! So here we have one of the new watches from the BOSS Orange Collection which they sent out to me so I can test it out and all that jazz! When I received my watch it was pretty clear how sturdy this watch was, made from stainless steel and waterproof up

Where do I start with this post ay? Lets start with yesterday, so yesterday (5.11.14) I was invited to the Alexander Wang x H&M private shopping experience event which was absolutely amazing, it was basically in a nutshell an event which was invitation only where you can buy all the new collection before it goes on sale to the public (which was the day after). There was a load of people going around giving out cocktails, canapé’s and goodie bags which was really cool. Although it was a “private” party there

So it’s finally November, after a prolonged luck of good weather for Autumn I thought I could fit a last jacket’less look before I start pilling on the layers! Today I’m wearing a Serge DeNimes long sleeve top with the matching tracksuit bottoms. This outfit is definitely one of the comfiest looks yet, a very casual but cool way of wearing a tracksuit baring in mind I have never really liked tracksuits! Ever since I have discovered Serge brand I have fallen in love with nearly all of their products

Hey guys! I’m back! With some great photos from my latest shoot with Helmi Okpara (Click to check out some more of her work!). So I recently bought myself a bike, a pretty cool one and I thought getting my bike in one of my Joey’s Styles would be even cooler so why not give it a little cameo (details about my bike where my bike is from will be below) So yeah with this outfit I went with something simple but bold, the bold aspect coming from the oversized

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