Dollar Shave Club

What’s happening folks?! A lot of you guys have noticed that I recently reinvented my facial hair. Well, reinvented may be a little too dramatic, but a lot of you guys noticed – so what better way to introduce this awesome collab! If you are UK based you probably wouldn’t have heard of the Dollar Shave Club (which you can visit here) , but here I am to introduce them to you guys, because the branding of this Club is just great! The whole idea being that you are able to

Hey guys! Hope you’re all good! As you may have seen last month I headed out to Fethiye, Turkey with my mate Alex to Hillside Beach Club. After a few heavy months of non stop work and travelling this was a trip we were both looking forward to, a relaxed, chilled one! The perfect way to end our summer. Living  in Tottenham a lot of my mates growing up were Turkish so i’ve always been surrounded by Turkish culture so it had always intrigued me and going to Turkey was always on my to

Hey peoples! So this post is going to be something a little different but none the less exciting! I think the older we get the more we actually care about our teeth and our oral health. As kids not so much, but as soon as I “entered adulthood” if you like to say, the more interest I’ve taken in everything dental related. In my whole life I’ve only owned one electric toothbrush, and it was a pretty bad one at that. So I never really had the best impression of electric toothbrushes until now.


Hey folks! Today I have a very exciting post for you guys! So from the very beginning of me starting this whole blogging thing, the goal was to just enjoy doing what I was doing but most importantly for me, to be given creative freedom, and a bit of control when working on projects with brands, and that’s why working with Tu over the past year has been so amazing! Not only have I been able to showcase to all you guys what they have to offer, but they have

in collaboration with Selfridges Winter is here and that’s kind of a scary thought. Time to get those coats and scarves back on! I mean, I know the majority of people hate winter in the UK, but honestly, you’ve got to give it a chance! Once you’ve invested in a decent warm coat, you’ll be able to open up to enjoying everything wintery. I always make sure that every year when the temperature starts dropping, I get one really good designer men’s coat that’s resilient enough to sort me out through

Hey guys! This post is definitely not my normal post but none the less one of the most exciting ones for me. A few weeks back I was approached by Otterbox, which if you don’t know are a really awesome phone case company, which I happened to have been using on my phone for a few months prior to this believe it or not, but anyway, Otterbox asked me if I wanted to take part in their new City Meet campaign. So in a nutshell, a City Meet is pretty

Excessive me

This time 2 weeks ago I was asked by Paco Rabanne to be involved in their new PURE XS fragrance launch, which as you can imagine I couldn’t jump at any faster haha, mum used to buy me Paco Rabanne 1 Million every christmas so I just HAD to be involved!  Me and a few other guys were invited for an overnight stay at The Ned hotel, which by the way is absolutely insane! If you’ve never been, the easiest way to imagine it is to think of a bankers, smarter


Yo! I’m back! And so is AW apparently… Sad times! or is it? For clothes I think not, the next few months are by far my favourite seasons when it comes to fashion! This also means away with the shorts (not that I wore shorts much anyway) and in with the jeans. One this that I have noticed is that I (and probably you also) always just end up throwing on the same pair of jeans on, or at least the same colour or fit of jeans. I have tried

Changing Seasons

So it’s pretty much the end of August, meaning it’s pretty much the end of summer which is pretty dark n depressing to think about. It literally feels like summer lasted about a week :(. Although the end of one season is a beginning of another, which means new clothes, new collections and new outfits! It’s starting to get a little bit colder now which means soon it’ll be time to get creative and throw on the layers. This is the first time in months I had been able to

Festival Season

Morning guys! Festivals!!! One of my favourite parts of summer without a doubt! Good music, good food ( or maybe not), good drinks, good company and great weather, I mean if you don’t like all of the above then i’m not sure we will get along haha. A few months back I headed to Brighton to WILD LIFE festival with River Island and some of my favourite blogger friends, Joel (@Gallucks), Mike (@Qmike) and Ali (@AliGordon89), so already I knew it was gonna be such a laugh. This was the

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