Happy Monday peeps, Last week I was invited out to Berlin for a day (roughly) for the launch of Moxy Berlin. If you’ve never heard of Moxy (I didn’t!) they’re one of the newest members of the Marriott family, with a younger, fresher take on affordable a hotel. Although I have only been to one of the hotels the thing I was immediately intrigued by was each of Moxy’s hotels are very much themed after the city that it’s in which is so exciting. We (me and a few other bloggers) got to the hotel


Hey readers, So I was going through my wardrobe the other day to see what suits I could wear for this shoot, and I felt like some of my suits that I have shot previously I didn’t shoot them up to the standard of my recent shoots, therefore I decided to pick out this pinstripe suit that I shot about 8 months ago, got it tailored a little around the bottom of my trousers and put on a shirt and tie and transformed it from the previous look! What do


Hey guys, how are we? This is what i’ve been waiting for!! As much as I love warm weather I love fall even more! For me theres nothing better than a sunny, crisp Autumn morning! (sounds cringe, yes) It’s about that time of year where there’s so much to look forward to, loads of events and occasions and the weather isn’t too wet or too cold! For all the people like me, this is the season that gets us all amped up with all the knits, the big coats and the boots,

Theed Street

As soon as I got back guess the first thing I noticed…? The chill! Although it is still pretty warm for mid October it was a lot colder than the constant 40+ degrees of the Sri Lankan heat! However, who says that’s a bad thing? I love AW! I love the cold, I love winter clothes! The day after I arrived back, I headed down to the Diesel store to grab a load of coats so I am all stocked up for the ‘coldest winter yet’ (as they say every

New York

Hey you all! So I just got back from my 12 day trip, 8 on a cruise to New York and then 4 days in the big apple! Can I just say, I have been dying to go to New York for years now, and what perfect timing to go than a few months after turning 21! We arrived into New York on the Cunard Cruise ship at the best possible time, sunrise! What better way to arrive, seeing the city lights in the pitch black then 30 minutes later


This year marked the 13th time I had been to going to Sri-Lanka, I think it’s pretty fair to say that I can call it my second home. The one place I go to getaway from life and to completely relax. Over the years me and my dad have explored pretty much the majority of the island (excluding the north), we’ve done the travelling, the mountains, the retreats, the backpacking things, pretty much everything you can do here, so we’ve found out place and now it tends to be me and

The Standard

Hello! I am currently away in Sri-Lanka having a really nice time away from all the crazyness of the past few months, i’ve been on a constant go, so I thought it was time to spend a couple a weeks out to just chillax and enjoy. Today’s post is a style post that I had shot in the 2 days I was home before coming here, a nice clean tailored outfit. I’ve been wanted a grey suit for ages, the first one I got was a tailored double breasted suit (which


Hey people! How are you all!? I’ve just come back from a trip of a lifetime! My first ever Transatlantic crossing, on one of the biggest, most luxurious cruise ships on the planet! We set off from Southampton to embark on a 7 day journey to New York just in time for New York Fashion Week. There was something extra special about this trip in particular, it was the first ever Transatlantic Fashion Week, a Fashion Week at Sea! How awesome! We were travelling on the Queen Mary 2 (QM2)

Ready for Fall

Hey guys! So I am back from my trip to New York, which was amazing by the way, keep an eye out for NYC post in the next week, it’s one to watch fo sho! But yeah I am back, not for long but I am back, and the first thing I noticed was that all the stores are all very ready for AW!… Which I love because Fall/Winter clothes are my favourite! You get to put on loads of layers, get all dark and throw on the big coats/jackets.

Lookbooking in London

Today marks a great day, a day that I tried and tested out my dream lens, the one i’ve been longing to get my whole blogging life! I don’t think i’ve ever been so happy and pleased with the street style shots that I got out of it. I thought there was nothing better to wear than my new navy suit from Whistles! Partnered with a burgundy tee and some Converse chuck taylor knits. This suit is one of the few things I own from Whistles, so yeah, I am

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