Tailoring Tailoring Tailoring, seems to be all I talk about recently ey. I tell you what, I think I am really taking to this suited and booted smarter-wear. Does this mean I am finally turning into a man? ha! So it’s just under 6 weeks until it’s London Collections: Men (LC:M) so it’s all coming together, planning what shows to go to, what clothes to wear etc etc, it’s all very exciting, bring on the crazyness of fashion week. On the note of planning outfits, last week I was in talks

Helllloooo! Casual Tailoring! Part 1! So it’s coming up to summer, as you can see by the rain drops in the photos… (lolz) and one of my favourite combinations I like to wear in the hotter months are my t-shirts and blazers, casual tailoring I like to call it. The casualness of the t-shirt mixed with the tailoring of the blazer, a great mix for those who are stuck in the middle (me!). I am going to show you guys a few different styles of suits and how you can casualise them


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 15.29.18

Hey peeps! This week I took to Greenwich to show off a new favourite of mine! I’m always one for throwing on a shirt over a tee, jumping into some comfortable jeans and sliding on a pair of cosy shoes. The thing you have to get right is making sure you look half decent even when you want to be comfortable and lazy! Now thats where it gets tough! For me, when it comes to styling it’s always the Coat or the Shoes that are the key piece’s of my outfits. I never



Hey! How are we?! So I just got back from a trip to Marrakech, Morocco which was such an experience! I headed out there to shoot a very exciting campaign which I will be able to share with you guys VERY soon! I couldn’t come all the way here and not explore some more right? So we had extended the trip so me my other half could make the most of this wicked country. We got up to loads of things on this trip, explored the atlas mountains, found ourselves lost in the black

Hey guys! As you can tell by the title of this post, its my blog’s 2 year anniversary! *imaginary fireworks in the background* Its pretty insane to think that i’ve been running this blog for 2 long years, seriously where does time go? I mean I only remembered it was the anniversary when TimeHop reminded me… lolz! 2 years ago I literally didn’t even know what a blog was, let alone know how to make one, shoot photos and keep content consistent, but here we are now ay, 2 years strong and to be



Hey peeps! How are we all? Recently I have been thinking a lot about my style and what styles I have recently taking a strong liking to, and it kind of makes me want to try out some new styles, new looks and explore a bit more, especially when it comes to tailoring and formal wear, but not matter how much I want to spice up my style I will always have the same eye in footwear, from trainers to shoes, I will always have my preferred styles. And theres one style in particular I will always



Hey guys, This morning I met up with my blogger mate Ben from twentyfirstcenturygent.com where we went to grab a coffee at Holborn Grind, annoyingly I didn’t catch any decent snaps in their because I only had my 85mm lens with me which was a pain because I really wanted to shoot a nice little flat lay, even though my flatlays suck! So we went shooting around, found a nice little spot in the photos turned out decent, what do you think? I tried to keep this look as clean and simple

RRP? ha!


Hey guys! How are we all? So you probably won’t know this, but at the moment TK Maxx are in the midst of having their biggest ever brand delivery, full of big brand labels, providing everything from men’s coats to candles, pretty much everything. They have asked me to go out to a store after their big delivery to see what I could find! And oh did I find a gem! A few actually! In my earlier years (in fashion) I never really gave TK Maxx a chance, not really sure

Live Your Life


Hey guys, How are we? Today I have a very exciting post in collaboration with American Eagle Outfitters for their new Live Your Life Campaign to show off how these new jeans fit into our lives, which is quite exciting actually as i’m pretty sure before this week I only owned about 3 pairs of jeans. AEO sent me a few pairs of jeans, the Skinny Core Flex Jeans which are the darker pair and the Core Flex Slim Jean (lighter pair), both of which were great but of course I had my favourite, the Skinny


Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 21.53.35

Morning peoples! Happy Valentines to you all! I’ve never done anything for Valentines on my blog or socials so I thought why not go out with my girlfriend Sophie, throw her in front of the camera and get some funky photos! We ended up going to one of our favourite spots, Hamstead Pergola, where I have actually shot before about a year ago but we both thought this would be the perfect location, with the whole symmetrical vibe to this place. When you’re there it looks like you’ve just stepped into

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