Hey people! How are you all!? I’ve just come back from a trip of a lifetime! My first ever Transatlantic crossing, on one of the biggest, most luxurious cruise ships on the planet! We set off from Southampton to embark on a 7 day journey to New York just in time for New York Fashion Week. There was something extra special about this trip in particular, it was the first ever Transatlantic Fashion Week, a Fashion Week at Sea! How awesome! We were travelling on the Queen Mary 2 (QM2)

Ready for Fall

Hey guys! So I am back from my trip to New York, which was amazing by the way, keep an eye out for NYC post in the next week, it’s one to watch fo sho! But yeah I am back, not for long but I am back, and the first thing I noticed was that all the stores are all very ready for AW!… Which I love because Fall/Winter clothes are my favourite! You get to put on loads of layers, get all dark and throw on the big coats/jackets.

Lookbooking in London

Today marks a great day, a day that I tried and tested out my dream lens, the one i’ve been longing to get my whole blogging life! I don’t think i’ve ever been so happy and pleased with the street style shots that I got out of it. I thought there was nothing better to wear than my new navy suit from Whistles! Partnered with a burgundy tee and some Converse chuck taylor knits. This suit is one of the few things I own from Whistles, so yeah, I am


Hey guys, The other day I headed back to one of my most favourite parts of London, Bank… on Bank holiday (p.s. it’s the best time to go if you wanted to check it out, so nice and quiet) to shoot this really exciting collaboration i’m doing with BoohooMan. With this look I wanted to go for a casual streetwear vibe, wearing 2 different styles of Bombers, the Denim Bomber and the MA1 Bomber. Both fairly different from each other, you can wear the Denim Bomber to a smarter occasion, wearing it with


Hey guys! How have you lot been? Next month I have been invited out to New York for New York Fashion Week which I am super buzzing about, but before that I have so much to do, so many errands to run, so many workouts to finish and so many projects to complete! I also have so many exciting collaborations and trips coming up that I can’t wait to photograph and show you all! In the meantime while i’m still at home in London I am going to bombard you with


Morning guys! I have a really exciting collaboration here! One all about unlocking my city! London! Ironically (or just coincidentally) over the past year (roughly) I have been taking these bikes out a lot more often than I usually would, long before teaming up with Santander Cycles. Although I always go on about London being my favourite city of them all, because i’m a blogger and 90% of the content I produce is imagery, it can get difficult sometimes, having to constantly find new and fresh place in London to

Navy Shirts

Hey! Hope you’re all well! This is going to sound super random… but yeah, whatever haha. As a kid I was very lucky to be able to travel a lot with my parents and visit some amazing places around the world, but was never able to capture it properly (other than on a disposable camera), so recently I have been lucky enough to revisit a few of those countries but now as a ‘Blogger’ and it’s so exciting! Being able to capture it all over again but in my own way, and if you


Hey guys! This post is one that i’ve been wanted to do for a very long time! Barcelona… One of my most favourite cities of them all, been coming here ever since I was a young Joey. Now i’m older and have been coming a few times with people other than my parents I can appreciate it for what it is. What I love most about this place is the mix between the city and the beach and the all round amazing Spanish culture. I’m going to get straight into what you need


Hey guys! So I think it’s fair to say I ended up going away at a very annoying time… when it was 30 in London…! For all of you that live in London you’d know what a rarity it is and how amazing a summer in London is when the weather is actually ‘summery’. Anyway! Me and Ben arrived yesterday morning to a very humid Barcelona! So the first thing we did was throw on some shorts and headed to Barceloneta to roam around and shoot in and around the cute


This week me and Sophie headed out to Surf Snowdonia, North Wales to go surffffingggg! I’ve been dying to go to Surf Snowdonia ever since they opened a year ago, one of the best surfing machines that exists! and it’s so close to home! (kind of) We headed out there for 2 nights in their Pods (glamping as they like to call it) for 3 days of surfing! (My dream!) It took us 4 hours door to door, which to be fair was fairly easy, baring in mind when I

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