From a very young age, Joseph (aka Joey London) has had three strong interests; Culture, Art and Fashion. Creativity is something that is incorporated into his everyday routine, and has become part of the fabric that weaves his projects together. JoeyLondon.co.uk is the platform for all of Joseph’s current projects, and you can find a load of different material, including; fashion blogging, travel posts and anything cool!

Travelling from a young age helped my develop a love for culture and most importantly creativity. The contrast from my home in Tottenham to the variety of places I visited helped me discover a love for unusual and creative things. Particularly in Sri Lanka, discovering surfing, film making, drawing, painting and pretty much anything creative I could get my hands on.

Later studying at LA Swap 6th form in Camden was a major turning point for me. I came to the realisation that university wasn’t for me; and that I wanted to pursue my passion and interests as soon as I could. Pushing me to start a YouTube channel and posting my first videos, helping grow my first online buzz.

For all project enquiries, collaboration and commercial opportunities please contact Joseph@JoeyLondon.co.uk