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Now this one is for all you fitness freaks and you leisure lovers, I’ve got some pretty awesome action shots to show you!!I Nike Running were kind enough to send me out this Nike Dri-FIT t-shirt, Combat shorts and Nike Free 4.0 Flynits. Basically everything you need to feel and look comfortable while running, theres just something about the Nike Runnnig collections that I just love! They’re all so comfy, fit great and look wicked! I mean for example, the Dri-FIT t-shirt, I’ve been to the gym loads in it and sweat litres in that top and I’ve never seen one sweat patch. The trainers feel like putting on a brand new pair of socks, so comfy and just mould to your feel! So for these photos me and the photographer (Kiran Bhamra Cox) went back to the location that we shot the Publish Brand photos as we just loved the lighting and thought it would work amazingly and then we found a pretty awsome location in east London which gave us the best shots to end the shoot on. So yeah, have a look at the photos and let me know what you think. 🙂

Here are the links to the pieces shown in the photos; TopShorts – Trainers









Photos taken by Kiran Bhamra Cox

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  • Matthew Pike

    Sweet man, that’s some wicked Nike gear right there. I have two pairs of Flyknits, both Lunar soles, these ones look top.

    Buckets & Spades