Hey Guys,

How are we? I bloody well hope you are well! I am laying here with a fractured foot and a serious cold (or just serious man flu) that I had all caught from 32 hours in Stockholm haha, so i’m here looking at these pictures, envying the fact that I can’t work out as much as I want to just after i’ve been on such a roll the past couple months. But I suppose it’s just another hurdle that I will have to jump, or, maybe not…

At the beginning of Jan I was introduced to the TU collection, which I was pleasantly surprise about to say the least, and it only got better when I discovered their Admiral Activewear offering! The things I was worried about when I had ordered the pieces was the quality and how they would fit as this is normally the areas that get left behind when it comes to affordable clothing. But nope, material was great and the fit was even better! I mean you can see for yourself, doesn’t need much explaining from me, the proof is in the photos! So i’m just going to sit here in my bionic fracture fixing boot and procrastinate hahaha! What do you think of the pieces?

These Admiral pieces are all available at TU 

IMG_1765 copy IMG_1699


IMG_1662-2 IMG_1658-2 IMG_1557 IMG_1555 IMG_1534

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  • Tommy Joseph

    I was literally looking at this range at the weekend, it’s so nice! Look is on feel Joey!