Changing Seasons

So it’s pretty much the end of August, meaning it’s pretty much the end of summer which is pretty dark n depressing to think about. It literally feels like summer lasted about a week :(. Although the end of one season is a beginning of another, which means new clothes, new collections and new outfits!

It’s starting to get a little bit colder now which means soon it’ll be time to get creative and throw on the layers. This is the first time in months I had been able to throw on a cardigan, and i’ve never really been a cardigan person purely because I just didn’t know how to wear one, but with the right style of cardigan (this one I am wearing is a Double Breasted Cardigan from Hardy Amies, which is great because you can easily wear it both done up and open) and with the right shirt/t-shirt to match (don’t be afraid to mix n match t-shirt prints!), it all comes together, pretty much something i’d wear whilst commuting or on a city break!

Check out some of the other knitwear at Hardy Amies

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