LC:M Experience

Hey Guys, as you may know it was London Collections: Men (LCM) over the weekend and as excited as I am to write up this post I am near enough falling asleep because of LCM ha.

This was actually my first actual LCM believe it or not, the only other fashion weeks that I have been to was the South African Fashion Week I went to a few months back which was a very good introduction to the Fashion Week lifestyle, but I tell you what, I hadn’t prepared myself for the crazyness of LCM, I mean I was warned but I never really took those words seriously ha. One word of advice if you do go or are going in the future, wear clothes and footwear that are fairly comfortable as you will be doing a lot of walking and running around, or a few ubers in my case haha. Luckily I was okay on the footwear side of things as the guys at Converse set me up with some lavely kicks to wear throughout LCM. This year there were some great shows and presentations which I will list below but one thing I enjoyed even more was being able to meet so many cool people and so many people that I have been following for ages in person, definitely a great place to network. If you guys want to see more photos LCM and my outfits throughout the weekend just check out my Instagram and everything is there!


  • KTZ
  • Christopher Raeburn (3rd photo down)
  • Agi & Sam (4th photo down)


  • Barbour
  • Belstaff
  • Dunhill (2nd photo down)


We hur

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 21.10.41


_E8A0005 13.48.28

_E8A0010 13.48.28


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  • Simon

    Hey Joey, love the black jacket with the fur collar. Where is it from. Best Sx

    • Joey London

      Hey Simon! Thank you! It’s from Asos!