Hey peeps! How are we all?

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my style and what styles I have recently taking a strong liking to, and it kind of makes me want to try out some new styles, new looks and explore a bit more, especially when it comes to tailoring and formal wear, but not matter how much I want to spice up my style I will always have the same eye in footwear, from trainers to shoes, I will always have my preferred styles. And theres one style in particular I will always be picky about, my Chelsea Boots. A staple in my wardrobe if you haven’t already realised!  I always find that I end up falling in love with a pair from a brand that I haven’t really heard of before, or aren’t so much in the limelight, it’s like finding a gem! Exactly what’s happened here with this Australian based brand R M Williams which have some amazing boots! They have just landed in Liberty London actually and have their own store on Bond St so it’s definitely worth a visit to get a feel of how well made these boots are. What do you think of these boots?

Here is a link to the boots that i’m wearing in this look – Comfort Craftsman

_MG_0649 _MG_0799 _MG_0601 _MG_0735 _MG_0810_MG_0743

_MG_0853 _MG_0884 _MG_0925

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  • Kosta Karakashyan

    Beautiful outfit and photos! I love the boots with the all black everything.

    Kosta // Cool Gear Cavalier