Staying comfortable

Hey Guys! Fashion week has come and gone and it was great!! I mean if you’re into everything fashion you’d know it’s all changing, the shows, the way the clothes are being sold, pretty much everything. The one thing I noticed this season at fashion week is that it’s all chilled out a bit, and although a few of the big designers have dropped out of London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM), the fact that its not as crazy and disorganised makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. I am able to get more stuff done for myself which is great and i’m not running around (or driving around in the Gwag ;)) like a headless chicken!

By the 4th day I was ready for some comfort, I had worn all my tailoring pieces, and was really ready to just get some well fitted joggers on and a cardigan to just chill out for the last day and not have to worry about; does this fit here, does it look better like this etc etc. That’s what i’ve learnt over the past few years being a fashion blogger, you’ve got to take into consideration so many things when putting an outfit today, being physically and mentally comfortable in what I wore always took a back step! But not I always need the clothes to feel great on my skin and feel great about the outfit, then i’m ready to role!

What do you think of this?

Joggers, T-shirt & Cardigan – BoohooMan

FC6A7049 FC6A7073


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  • Martin Begg

    Hey Joey, would love to of sen what footwear you wore here and how it dropped with the joggers.

    Top half looks cool, and the main thing is, you look like you feel comfortable, if you know what I mean lol

    Marty – @istayflylikeimwrappedinplastic