Morning peoples!

Happy Valentines to you all! I’ve never done anything for Valentines on my blog or socials so I thought why not go out with my girlfriend Sophie, throw her in front of the camera and get some funky photos! We ended up going to one of our favourite spots, Hamstead Pergola, where I have actually shot before about a year ago but we both thought this would be the perfect location, with the whole symmetrical vibe to this place. When you’re there it looks like you’ve just stepped into a fairytale!

So after hundreds of failed shots, running back and forth to press the self-timer and moments of Sophie getting frustrated with my directing haha, we finally came out with 4/5 photos that I am very happy with. What do you think of the photos?

You can shop the looks at the bottom of this page 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 21.54.22





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