This week me and Sophie headed out to Surf Snowdonia, North Wales to go surffffingggg! I’ve been dying to go to Surf Snowdonia ever since they opened a year ago, one of the best surfing machines that exists! and it’s so close to home! (kind of)

We headed out there for 2 nights in their Pods (glamping as they like to call it) for 3 days of surfing! (My dream!)

It took us 4 hours door to door, which to be fair was fairly easy, baring in mind when I normally go surfing I travel up to nearly 24 hours to get there (Arugam Bay, Sri-Lanka). As soon as I got there I was so eager to get in the water and get my surf on, and I did! As soon as we got there we instantly felt that ‘surfer’ vibe there and it was so cool aha!I tell you what, if you wanted to learn to surf this is the place you need to go, controlled water, no sharks… what else could you ask for?!

I can’t wait to go on more surf trips this year and take you guys a long with me! If you want to visit Surf Snowdonia go check it out!

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