Hey you guys! I’m out here in LA soaking up as much sun as I can before I head back to rainy London, sad times haha. So recently as you may know, I had teamed up with TU, Sainsburys for their new activewear, which went down great, both on my socials and in the gym!! But now one of the classics, Russell Athletic, which you will know if you are around my age has made a return! Now selling under Tu! As soon as I got my hands on the

Hey guys! So this summer’s plans are already stacking up, pretty fast!! I’ve got so much planned over the next few weeks and that means more and more amazing content I get to create, and so much more for you guys to see! There is one event in particular that I am absolutely BUZZING about, and that is this years Unique Cruise, and it seems like you guys are too by the way you all reacted when I uploaded the promo video haha! I mean all you have to do


Hey people! It was just over a month ago when I was out in Stockholm and I fractured my foot, a splendid start to the year right! But one of the most frustrating things about all of it was the fact that I wasn’t able to train to the level/intensity I was training at before, which annoyed me more than anything, and I mean, that big ol’ boot wasn’t the most fashionable boot ha. A few days before this all happened I was approached by Virgin Active who introduced me to their


Hey peoplessss! There is one thing in particular that I really enjoy when it comes to Men’s Fashion, and that is new seasons, new collections, and brands that are fairly new to me! The other day I popped over to the Stradivarius store with my mate Chez (@ChezRust) on Oxford St to check out the launch of the new men’s collection and it was great! I was posting tonnes about it on my snapchat (if you guys follow me on there then you will know what i’m talking about haha) and they really did have


Hey Guys, How are we? I bloody well hope you are well! I am laying here with a fractured foot and a serious cold (or just serious man flu) that I had all caught from 32 hours in Stockholm haha, so i’m here looking at these pictures, envying the fact that I can’t work out as much as I want to just after i’ve been on such a roll the past couple months. But I suppose it’s just another hurdle that I will have to jump, or, maybe not… At

Going Grey

Hey guys! New Hair post here! So as you probably may know, I have gone grey! GREY!  A few months ago I had gone to various places to try and get my hair dyed, all of which have practically declined doing it because it’s such a lengthy process as my hair is so dark (dark dark brown, not black!) which was quite frustrating to be honest haha, I wanted to get this done for ages! But i’ve got it now so yay! But finallyyyyyy someone agreed to do it! I

Staying comfortable

Hey Guys! Fashion week has come and gone and it was great!! I mean if you’re into everything fashion you’d know it’s all changing, the shows, the way the clothes are being sold, pretty much everything. The one thing I noticed this season at fashion week is that it’s all chilled out a bit, and although a few of the big designers have dropped out of London Fashion Week Men’s (LFWM), the fact that its not as crazy and disorganised makes it a whole lot more enjoyable. I am able

Velvet edit

Party season is coming to an end, which is kind of sad I suppose, I love to all get dressed up and drink some champers! This is the probably the first year that i’ve actually experienced this whole ‘party’ season thing so I wanted to get stuck right in! I had never been so excited to wear a piece of clothing before. I have been wanting and waiting for that time to wear a Velvet blazer for years, but at the back of my mind I always had the same 2 thoughts…

Casual Smart?

Hey guys! How are you all? A few days ago I was scrolling through my Facebook and I saw a that the 2nd 50 Shades of Grey trailer was out (which I scrolled past by the way), not into that jazz but one thing I did take from that glimpse was GREY! One of my go to colours! So I thought i’d slap on as much grey as possible!! No i’m just kidding, I didn’t have the intention of going in ALL grey, the beanie happened to be the only beanie

Reinventing Memories

It’s that time of year now where there are just so many events, so many things to do, so many moments to enjoy. Although for me it’s more than just this season, the past couple of years have definitely been the most exciting years of my life, being able to do what I am doing and being able to share it all with of you guys through all the imagery and videos I am pushing out. But sometimes it’s nice to see and feel my memories, to see on paper the awesome things

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